Vivid Gold, a modern take on tradition!


We decided to dabble in Photoshop again this month and create some stunning vivid coloured gold rings. You can’t buy these crazy creative rings, but we thought they looked different and fun. Maybe in years to come manufactures of precious metals will develop a technique so you can choose what colour you want?

What’s your favourite?

Would you buy this type of ring in alternative materials such as plastic, ceramic or glass? We thought this might be a great idea to add something fun to your jewellery collection.

Tropical sea Aqua – Gold Ring

aqua blue gold ring

Lolly pop Pink – Gold Ring

vivid pink gold ring

Ruby Red – Gold Ring

red gold ring

Copper Orange – Gold Ring

orange gold ring

Lime with a twist of Lemon – Gold Ring

lime green gold ring

Deep Sea Blue – Gold Ring

deep blue gold ring

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Images supplied by lionsorbet

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  2. I think alternate colour golds would be awesome. I’m a male, so sadly wearing all this stuff wouldn’t match my gender.
    But Id love to see girls wear this. It’d be a trend Id invest in.
    Think everyone into jewellery would get into it