What does a Synthetic Diamond mean to you?


Keeping with the theme of diamonds, we decided to ask our readers about synthetic diamonds for the November 2014 poll. We wanted to see if there has been a change in the way people buy diamonds, depending on if they had a choice to buy a synthetic one. Our survey ran for 1 month and 380 people voted on the following.

Q. What does a Synthetic Diamond mean to you?

1 – Affordable
2 – Not bothered either way
3 – Peace of mind
4 – Cheap
5 – Innovation
6 – Technological advancement

The results are as follows:



We decided to give our readers plenty of choice’s to think about. The results showed some interesting feed back. Taking the first slot was affordability followed closely by the word cheap. So, the word synthetic in the world of diamonds when asked to 380 people, would mostly mean that buying a synthetic diamond has little value.

Even though a synthetic diamond has the same properties as a real diamond, the fact that it has been made in a lab over a short period of time makes it less valuable. A diamond in the ground however, has taken millions of years to create, thus is more valuable to the buyer.

It’s almost like comparing organic food to highly processed food. The buyer knows the difference, and doesn’t mind paying the extra because of the quality factor.

On the other hand however, we can see 52 people have voted for Peace of mind. Our assumption is that the people voting may have knowledge of the negative effects, diamond mining can have on a ethical basis. Although big changes have been made to reflect positive outcomes in the diamond mining industry, more work needs to be done.

What is also nice to see are people voting for Innovation and Technological advancement. Science, engineering and chemistry has come along way. There is no such thing as CANT. Who would of thought we can now create diamonds in a laboratory?

51 voters were not bothered either way. This shows they really don’t care of the origin, but may be more interested in just how the final jewellery item looks and feels.

A BIG thanks to all that voted.

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