What our readers are wearing. – June 2014


Our readers send the JM team requests all the time, to feature them across our social network profiles. We have decided to post some of our favourite fans wearing their awesome jewellery. We hope you like what they’re wearing?

Would you like to feature in our August release? Just follow these 4 simple steps:

1) Grab a selfie (a nice picture of yourself wearing a jewellery item).
2) Give us a brief description of the item you are wearing.
3) Include your first name and brief location such as your Town and Country.
4) Email us HERE

Featured Readers for JUNE

Name: Sapphire
Location: Midlands UK.
Description: My favourite heart pendant given to me by my partner for our first anniversary.

Name: Cherie
Location: Wollaston UK.
Description: I love my chunky gold chain because it goes with anything I wear.

marks watch
Name: Mark
Location: Bristol UK.
Description: A gift from my wife. I wear my Guess watch everyday.

Name: Sam
Location: Birmingham UK.
Description: My handmade Lume-bands. These are very popular with my friends and family.

Name: Mike
Location: Glasgow Scotland.
Description: My divers watch a great christmas present from the wife.

Name: Paul
Location: London UK.
Description: This is my favourite jewellery item: The Black Zirconium ring by John Greed.

Would you like to feature in our next trend setting article? Email us HERE or why not add a comment and add your own image.

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