What Really Makes Your Diamond Engagement Ring Dazzle


The diamond engagement ring showcases every bit of excitement and wonder at this momentous stage in a relationship. The dazzle mimics the anticipation and delight that a couple feels as they make their engagement declaration to family and friends. Every bride-to-be has been mesmerized, watching the light flicker and dance in their new diamond.

During diamond production, the consistency of the rock can be measured by 4C variables: cut, clarity, color, and carat. The features of these precious stones are really important to learn before you purchase them. Why? Because it’s these features which make the rock dazzle, shine and look impressive. It’s not just a matter of cost, or size.

For this reason, it is really valuable for couples to learn a little about diamonds before they make this lifelong purchase. And the place to start is with the 4Cs. If you have embarked on that journey, you could get diamond color scale explained along with clarity, cut and carat on Pricescope – an independent diamond and jewelry forum, a great resource for an unbiased diamond jewelry information.

History of Diamond Cuts

The world first provided a standardized criterion for the measurement of the content of the diamonds after diamonds were adopted in the mid-20th century. The 4Cs has been an important method used to consider why one diamond should be preferred over another. It explains the differences of diamonds in a simple to understand way for those who, like most of us, only buy diamonds rarely.

This measurement criterion was very important as the price variations between two such precious stones with the naked eye were incredibly difficult to determine.

The problem which often emerges in people’s minds is: which of the 4Cs is the main factor in determining diamond quality? Experts think “cut’s” stands out of 4Cs because a diamond’s beauty and brilliance depend greatly on how it is cut.

This is important for couples because, at the end of the day, this ring is about symbolism and looks. In 20 years, you want to still look at your ring and be reminded of the flutter of excitement from the early years. Chances are that by then your incomes will be higher, and if you bought the ring then you could afford much more.

This means getting the diamond that looks best for the money; the one that dazzles most and will do so forever.

What is the difference between the shape and cut of a diamond?

The word “cut” also refers to diamond form (for example, “brilliant ring cutting” or “princess cutting”. However, the shape means the diamond form, while cutting means how light reflects the proportions of the diamond.

The shapes also have their own distinctive beauty, which determines the dazzling quality of the diamond. This is a matter of personal style; choosing the stone which suits you, your relationship and personality.

How critical is the cutting of diamonds?

If we think of diamonds, we admire their beauty, sparkle, and shimmer, which are all the products of a strong cut. For a perfect diamond, there needs to be a balance of elegance and worth. The first step towards acquiring such a diamond is getting a fair cut price.

A smooth and beautiful-cut diamond effectively focuses white and vivid light into the eye and creates the sparkle. A diamond that’s poorly cut is dull and bland, missing the most attractive properties of the stone. You may prefer a wide appealing, full-color diamond, but it would still remain a plain, mediocre stone without a good cut. The cut towers over the other 4Cs because it can carve a flawless jewel from raw diamond stone.

Image by Karn Badjatia from Pixabay

Diamond Cut grades

For you going out to choose a diamond engagement ring, you need to know that not all diamond cuts are created equally.

Diamonds are graded according to the diamond cut chart as there are many testing labs around the world. It is necessary to note, though, that each laboratory employs its own set of grades, and that a study from a single laboratory may display findings different from one provided by a separate laboratory, even though they apply to the same diamond cut chart.

AGS and GIA are two of the most prestigious laboratories in the industry, all of them with grading systems for diamond certification that rate diamonds with their transparency, shape, color, and carat. Although there are other laboratories out there like AGSL, IGI, EGL, and HRD labs that give definitive cut grades for round diamonds, it is recommended that you purchase a diamond with a real AGS or GIA mark. Not only does an AGS and GIA Ideal Cut shine more, but it may also look more exquisite and polished!

In amongst the excitement of your engagement ring shopping, do make sure you ask to see the AGS or GIA certificate for the individual diamond. If there isn’t one, choose a different retailer or diamond.


By now, you understand that the cut of the diamond is incredibly important. Once you launch your diamond hunt for that ring that will symbolize your romance, a quality cut should be the first thing you look for before the other Cs.

It’s crucial for delivering the dazzle and light play that adds to the excitement of this time, and will last for years to come.

  • The diamond Cut impacts the following properties, which consequently
    influences the quality of a diamond
  • The dimensions like the depth, angles, width among others
  • The symmetry of the facets and the various proportions that affect how it reflects light
  • Fire
  • Brilliance
  • The sparkling and flashing effect of the diamond; Scintillation

Image by Hiệp Hoàng from Pixabay

Remember that a well-cut diamond has more longevity and shine than one with a weaker level of cut. When you compare a small, well-cut diamond beside another with a slightly larger one, the smaller lesser-cut diamond may look more substantial in the naked eye.

So, or the best bang for your buck, and the most romantic ring, pay attention to the diamond’s cut.

Featured image courtesy of Dimitris Christou from Pixabay

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