What’s hot at TOPSHOP?


Our trend setter Cherie popped out this week and decided to make a few purchases on the high street at TOPSHOP. After spending some time looking through their wide range of glam and trendy jewellery, Cherie decided to make some purchases.

Cherie comments:
“It’s all about choker necklaces this month, it’s kind of a big thing at the moment. There are some great designs out there. As it’s winter I like to really add some colour to my outfits. Winter fashion clothing tends to be blacks, greys and browns. Especially if you wear faux or knitted garments.

High street jewellery is really affordable, and you can make it go with anything you have in your wardrobe to be honest. I had a good scrummage through the offers at TOPSHOP. I also like to see whats new and recently launched. The new items come in a little more expensive but they have some really nice designs.

I was also inspired by Cara Delevingne at the Spring/Summer fashion show, she looked amazing in the new TOPSHOP dress range. When you see professional models wearing what you can buy on the high street, it really does make me smile and feel confident in buying new items that are fashionable.

I was out in Milton kyenes doing a little shopping with my mum, who also loves jewellery. She has a great eye for detail and helps me choose whats suits me.

I also asked a member of staff for her opinion and she was really helpful and polite. She highly recommended the choker jewellery. I completely agreed with some of her choices”.

Cherie sent through her purchases and hopes the Jewellery Monthly readers can get some ideas or inspiration when out next doing a little shopping on the high street.

Cherie spent around £35 at #TOPSHOP and bought 4 items.

1) Stone flower chocker.
2) Star drop chocker.
3) Colour beaded tattoo choker.
4) Star cluster earrings.

Did you recently purchase anything from TOPSHOP and would like to post a picture? You can by clicking on the discussion panel below.

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