What’s the difference between Diamond Cuts?


Anatomy of a diamond explained. (PART OF OUR DIAMOND EDUCATION COLLECTION)

Understanding the Anatomy of a diamond does not need to be complicated process. If your looking for the perfect gemstone for a jewellery item such as an Engagement ring, or maybe a beautiful designed pendant? Then we have made it simple to understand the different cuts and what to look out for when choosing a diamond. The three main cuts of a diamond consist of the:

  • The Ideal Cut Diamond
  • Deep Cut Diamond
  • Shallow Cut Diamond

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Anatomy Of a Diamond Explained

Diamonds can be cut into many different shapes and sizes. The final cut of a diamond is very important as it contributes to the overall brilliance. The main anatomy of a diamond consists of the girdle, table width, crown, pavilion and culet. Please review the diagram below for reference. The cut is very important as it has a significant outcome in respect to the reflective qualities of the diamond. If a diamond is perfectly cut, light from all sides are bent towards the centre of the stone and are then reflected back towards the crown and create a rainbow spectrum.

Ideal Cut Diamond

Ideal cut diamonds have been cut to exact proportions and polished with great attention to detail. As more time is required for the most skilled diamond cutters, and more of the rough material must be sacrificed in order to produce ideal cut diamonds the final product is considered very valuable. The ideal cut diamonds hold more value in comparison to Deep or Shallow cut diamonds.

Deep Cut Diamond

Deep cut diamonds will reflect much of the light to the opposite facets, causing the light to reflect at the wrong angle. This effect means light is lost through the side of the diamond. The diamond may appear darker in the centre.

Shallow Cut Diamond

In a diamond cut too shallow, the light will be lost through the bottom of the diamond (Pavilion) and the naked eye may see a duller reflection.

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