Where to source your Precious Gemstones in Bangkok


The Gemstones and Jewelry Industry in Bangkok Thailand is and has been an important part of the Thai economy for many years. So much that the government watches over the local businesses to assure honest dealing with consumers. Also of increased importance for the industry and for Thailand are the exports of products such as gemstones, which the Thai Government has been focusing on increasing as well.

Many types of precious and semi precious gemstones and jewelry can be found at the Jewelry Trade Center, JTC, which is a 59-story building and the fourth largest building in Bangkok. As you enter the ground floor of the building you will see many shops and booths selling gemstones and crystals. The building also houses many offices such as the Thai Gems & Jewelry Trader Association office, Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS) gem lab, GemResearch Swisslab (GRS) gem lab and many gemstone wholesalers and dealers.

When you are a tourist in Bangkok, you are ought to look for the Silom road for Gemstones to purchase as an investment or a souvenir. However, where do you go; is the question. To the fancy retail stores, about which we have heard some great stories about here https://www.into-asia.com/bangkok/gemscam, or to these buildings which have small shops? Unless you are looking for something cheap, these are not the places to go. The best place to find a reliable supplier are these big buildings at Silom Road, especially the JTC, where years of trust and reliability have built these Gem dealers to where they are today. However please note, these are wholesale offices, so better make a call before going and keep quiet. One of the company that we know of that allows Tourists to make an appointment first is Navneet Gems.

Navneet Gems and Minerals has Wholesale gemstones Bangkok made, it’s a 25 year old multi generation family run business which runs on its own with a factory in Chantaburi and another one in the outskirt of Bangkok where they cut most of their precious stones such as Ruby and Sapphires. They use mostly only verified sourced gemstones directly from mines in Brazil, Africa and Asia.

For more information: http://www.navneetgems.com/

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