Why do men buy jewellery?


Since the age of dawn a fully fuelled man filled with testosterone didn’t have much time for such things as shiny jewellery. He was too busy hunting, harvesting, building or simply procrastinating.

As we moved through the ages, us men started carrying weapons such as small blades and knives. Then came the swords and axes, followed by guns and then… really big guns. Protection against one another seemed vital in times of survival and war.

It’s a shiny.

Yes, shiny they all seemed, but could it of been those early moments of simple majestic things like the sun bouncing from a mighty sword? the full Moon reflecting off a guns barrel in the middle of the night? did such items lead the way for Man to think about wearing jewellery?

What about gifts from loved ones, which held sentimental value, such as necklaces made from rope and carved stones, Tribal earring or Egyptian bracelets?


Maybe, Man jewellery came from a realm of creative genius that many of us just don’t simply understand.

Lets take a closer look.

The current day.

We men seem to have a huge choice now, especially when selecting shiny, sparkly or cool jewellery items. Some men seem to lavish themselves in jewellery and to be honest look rather attractive. The great thing about jewellery is there is something for everyone. We all have different ideas on fashion and taste. This simple fact is what makes us human.


The feeling.

So why do men buy jewellery these days? It all stems from how that particular item makes you feel. Big brands know about this all to well, and work hard to plant messages into your mind without you even knowing it.

The next time you try on a watch, does it make you feel like James Bond? What if you tried on a brand new £4000 Omega watch? Do you feel like James Bond now?


The psychological effect

Think of designer labels (Brands) who use big celebrity names, top athletes, actors and models to showcase their products. They want you to associate yourself with the people who you admire, or are doing things you might never be able to achieve. From this process you have trend setters who become the face of a companies brand.

We humans have great imaginations and we like to be part of something. We are happy to pay a premium for it. We sometimes think other people will also admire us for wearing items of a particular brand. We want to feel good, nice, fashionable, trendy, wanted, and we like people commenting on our purchases. We are picking up on information all the time and big brands know how to feed you the data you need, so you can see and trust them.


The philosophy bit.

Is there anything wrong with it? The answer really is NO. Big companies spend millions on marketing, designing, production, engineering, technology and making sure they bring you something that will make you feel happy. After all, we are all aware we have a choice.

The Message

Jewellery has become a fashion statement. We men like gadgets, precision, elegance, sophistication and anything that remotely looks cool. Enjoy your jewellery and wear it with honour.


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