Why should I buy the iWatch?


Why should I buy the iWatch? That is one of the most common questions most people ask themselves all over the internet. Outside the tech media echo chamber, several individuals are pragmatic about this new high-tech watch. However, there are certain important things such as the battery life, the style of the case, and more importantly the security and safety of transacting with the device. Beyond the cool, glam, tech and sports factor, here are some great features that will make you buy the iWatch.

An iPod right on the wrist


One of the big parts of the success of this device is the way you could actually wear it on your wrist and the way it plays and manages music. Some of these wristbands look like a diamond accessory fashion statement, making them look classy. Also, another great feature you can enjoy is its Powerbeats-2-Wireless, which operates with the wireless earbuds. This Wireless technology connects to the device’s music player through a Bluetooth connection.

Safe and secure mobile payments

With modern technology advancements, it is crucial to have a computing device that can make payment wirelessly without compromising any risk of losing your personal data to internet hackers. However, a token technology system is used to safeguard users’ credit cards data. Such system replaces the actual credit-card numbers with very long sequences, which change after every single use. It is basically like a sophisticated encryption system for financial data and information.

Advanced NFC functions


This is yet another reason why you should think about buying the iWatch. Apart from mobile payment capabilities, the NFC-enabled features that make this device more useful and interesting. NFC is mainly popular for being a short-range radio technology, which offers a great deal of security. This means that any watch with such functions might be used to quickly transfer something sensitive and/or valuable from a mobile computing system to a stationery system.

In integration with an existing product from Apple, the iWatch is another final point for a home automation platform of the HomeKit. This is to say, the iWatch is capable of sending an NFC data or information to the lock of your front door and once the unique code that represents the owner or user is recognised by the lock, it opens or closes. Using the same protocols of security, this watch could possibly do things such as hotel and flight check-ins, hence enhancing security.

Dynamite looks


The iWatch has a beautiful design where some of them have diamonds or curved glass tops. Just imagine having a device with a brushed diamond metal covered case with a high-quality screen. Better still, there is a variety of sizes and designs to choose from. This is good for users who may not like to buy the identical one-size-fits-all device.

Meaningful health


Previously, most wearables were believed to be used to track things such as step count and heart rate. However, with the new wave of wearables like this watch, there are even more advanced features to enjoy when it comes to tracking and measuring daily life tasks. With iWatch, for instance, measuring things like body fat index and blood oxygen levels has become very easy to do. With your watch on, you are able to collect the data, which explains why you or somebody feels the way you/they feel for certain periods of time or throughout the day.

In addition, the band of this new watch (also available in diamond design) has many different kinds of sensors to suit the users’ needs. Regardless, the watch gathers a useful compelling set of biometrics directly from the wrist, which is then automatically transmitted up to the cloud-base Heart-Kit platform from Apple. This facility offers a place where the users can organise and store their personal health data, regardless of its source. The personal data could simply come from the connected scales or other computing devices.

Great App store

The new iWatch opens up a completely new apps marketplace for everyone’s needs. A few of the apps available in its store are compelling. For example, the walking directions and food ordering apps are some of the tools most people would like to use a lot. Before allowing app developers into their Wear app store, Google built a new version of android, which allows users to create a phone app of their choice, and then add it on the smartwatch app.

Furthermore, this was integrated into a single Software Development-Kit (SDK), which makes it easier for app developers to start developing several smartwatch apps. Apple has taken almost the same steps to make it simple and easy for an iOS developer to use when developing apps. The app stores robustness, might not be an important consideration in your initial decision for buying an iWatch, but it might be a reason to keep you interested in the device as time goes by.

Phone independence


Many consumers want a watch, which does not have the same features as the iPhone. While some devices might act as a remote control for your android or Smartphone, iWatch is to some extent independent. Some high tech watches require you to insert a cellular radio onboard in order to be connected with other devices. With this watch, however, you can receive or send messages or even make calls. It comes with great features that will enable you to do that.

In a nutshell, Apple has successfully convinced consumers that there are certain tasks, which can be automatically completed better on this watch than on your phone. In addition to its case, which is also available in various designs and styles like the diamond design, it makes for a great everyday device that is practical and fashionable.

So there your have it. Are your ready to put one on your wrist?

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