Winter Wedding Wishlist


As the winter months approach there is nothing more exciting than planning a winter wedding. The dress, the venue, the band, but when all the big items are taken care of, every bride knows that there are still hundreds of little details to cover. It is these little details that make your wedding yours, the chance to share a little of your personality with your friends and loved ones. These details are the things that your guests will remember, the things that made the whole day uniquely ‘you’ (and your husband of course).

One such detail is the important choice of what jewellery to wear with your wedding dress. Finding the right match is critical to ensuring that the two complement each other. As those who have already got married will know, photographers often take beautiful artistic shots of the wedding jewellery and other accessories to ensure that every aspect of the day is captured. The question is, how do you choose?

If you are not going down the route of borrowed or antique jewellery as part of your ‘something old’ or ‘something borrowed’, you may wish to consider some more modern pieces. To help give you some ideas we have teamed up with the lovely people at DiamonFire and Alfred Angelo to share four very distinct styles which should help you decide which combination will work best for you on the big day.

Welcome to the Winter Wedding Wishlist.

Ornate Bride

Every bride has her own personal taste and style and whilst some feel more comfortable going for simpler designs, others are only at ease in the more ornate and intricate. These beautiful earrings and necklaces are part of the ‘Intricate Vine’ and ‘Vintage Cluster’ collections from DiamonFire and are created in 925 sterling silver. The pieces are plated with rhodium, palladium and platinum and feature the DiamonFire Zirconia stones. These statement pieces would be sure to complement many wedding dresses, however we have teamed them with a couple of suggestions from Alfred Angelo to provide you with some inspiration as to which dresses may fit seamlessly with this style of jewellery. Prices are as follows: Intricate vine earrings £199, Intricate vine necklace £155, Vintage Cluster Earrings £179 and £190 Vintage Cluster necklace.


Classic Bride

From ornate bride to classic bride, these beautiful studs and pendant are the perfect choice for those who are looking for a simpler statement. The design of these pieces is elegant and timeless and you are sure to be able to wear this jewellery for many years to come after your wedding day! The pieces, like all others from DiamonFire, are 925 sterling silver plated with their unique 3 metal system and retail at £62 for the stud earrings and £72 for the solitaire pendant. In order to provide a bit of variety we also wanted to include these beautiful ‘Flow’ drop earrings and necklace. These retail at £77 for the earrings and £135 for the necklace.


Colourful Bride

More and more these days brides are looking to add an individual twist to their wedding attire. Increasingly we are seeing coloured wedding dresses or wedding dresses with a splash of colour incorporated via sashes or patterns, allowing you to inject a little of your own personality into the proceedings. In which case, why not consider adding a splash of colour to your bridal jewellery as well? These incredible earrings and pendant are part of the show-stopping ‘Figure of Eight’ collection and are plated in rose gold and set with beautiful Zirconia stones. The pieces retail at £145 for the earrings, £165 for the pendant and £179 for the ring. We have paired them with some stunning gowns from Alfred Angelo to give you an idea of which style of dress you might choose. Consider pairing colourful jewellery with a plain gown to ensure that the jewellery really makes a statement!


Pearly Bride

Pearls can often conjure up images of grandmas or ladies of a certain age. However, more recently, pearls are resuming their rightful place as a staple in many women’s collections and it is not hard tosee why. Designers are becoming ever more more creative with pearls, combining them with unique stones and introducing colour to create beautiful pieces suitable for a variety of occasions. These earrings and necklace from DiamonFire are no exception. Teamed with some sparkling Zirconia stones, these pieces are part of the ‘Divine Pearl’ collection and retail at £130 for the earrings and £135 for the necklace. We have teamed them with both slim fitting and princess style gowns so you can select your style.


We hope you enjoy planning your winter weddings and we hope that this has inspired you to think differently about your jewellery!

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