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Getting the right engagement ring is only half of the problem men face. From selling over 2,000 engagement rings last month and around 20,000 in last few years, we noticed a pattern amongst customers when they were calling our customer services team and discussing engagement rings…just over 50% were buying the ring at the last minute and most of them hadn’t really thought about how they were going to propose.

In most cases they were going to present the ring the moment they received it, but they were desperate for advice and eager to hear our ideas. After chatting with them the reality seemed to hit home, they have one chance to make the proposal special…one chance to make it the best proposal ever. We also know that from the perspective of the new fiancé, they want their proposal to be special, something memorable and maybe something different that sets their perfect moment apart.

“I wish I had made a bigger deal with my engagement but you do only get the opportunity to get it right first time. Buying the right engagement ring is a much considered purchase that carries with it the pressure to get the proposal right as well. We thought that providing some inspiration for want-to-be proposers would get the creative ideas flowing and encourage more concerted efforts, be they grand or more understated” — Gary, Managing Director of The Diamond Store.

Recording that special moment and sharing it on social media is a big deal for our clients as it makes it so much easier to include family and friends from afar in the big moment. Grand gestures that are recorded and shared have the potential to go viral and can make you and your fiancé feel like a celebrity for a day and, of course, inspire other proposals.

But, overt displays aren’t for everyone and an intimate moment is no less special than an extravagant one. With this in mind, we decided to develop a fun and innovative collection of proposal ideas that are both achievable and affordable and suited to every couple.

We’re the first retail store to do this using the experiences from our staff over the years to benefit our customers beyond the point of sale. The quotes below and those on our 101 Ways to Propose section, are sure to help even the most perplexed decide on the best way to pop the question.

1) The Notebook Marriage Proposal

Even I know that this is one of the most romantic movies on the planet and there are so many scenes to inspire the perfect proposal. Running on the beach, on a ferris wheel or by building your significant other a house – if you’re looking for pure, unrequited romance I can’t think of a better way to go. Her friends are sure to swoon when they hear the story!

2) Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big

Women and men are always inspired to propose by their favourite shows. Monica and Chandler from Friends had a typically unconventional and modern proposal where she proposed to him. I love this because it can really catch your partner off guard and you can both really embrace the romance, just the two of you. There’s nothing more striking that a room filled with candles and after watching the episode with your significant other can give you a preview of their reaction!

3) Winter Hike

Winter can be dreary at times but this idea is sure to brighten up her day. We have a lot of men coming in preparing for summer proposals but I think winter can be just as romantic and sometimes more of a surprise. With the snow as the backdrop, make sure you’re both wearing something bright and you’ll be sure to stand out in all of the photos and the beautiful new ring won’t look out of place in the silvery-white of a winter walk.


4) Christmas Ornament

The lead up to Christmas can be stressful and preparing to propose can be pretty nerve-wrecking but, at the end of the day, both are pretty magical. I like this idea because it takes a really special day and makes it even more memorable and they won’t suspect a thing. Christmas is a big time for engagements and we have a lot of our customers choosing this time to give the best gift of all. Neither of you will ever forget that time of year and you can always be sure to have the day off for every engagement-anniversary thereafter! It has the added bonus of having all of your family around without raising suspicion.


5) Hidden Camera

A lot of the time, married and engaged couples don’t have any photos to commemorate the special moment. Keeping a camera out of sight means you can concentrate on the moment and not be distracted by trying to document it. We bet they’ll be extra pleased when they realise you have photos to show friends and family and, of course, you can both relive the moment all over again. I like this idea because it’s another easy way to make a big impact. No matter where you’re proposing, a well-placed, self-timed camera can make all the difference.

6) Photo booth Proposal

Photo booths are really popular and you can find them almost anywhere. This is the perfect way to capture your new fiancé’s face the moment you propose and you can have a short timeline of photos to document every step! I love this idea because it can turn an otherwise ordinary activity into one they’ll never forget and at the end of it all, the perfect square of four photos can be held on to forever. At first, your new fiancé will think you’re being romantic by suggesting you take some photos nut when you pull out the ring, they’ll know you’ve been thinking about it for a while and we always hear that that is the best kind of surprise. They also make for great save-the-date cards!

7) Desert Island

If you’re planning on doing this, make sure everything is as stress-free as possible in order to win her heart. An exotic picture perfect backdrop with white sands and great weather will secure a “yes” if you add your own unique touch such as leaving clues or hiding it in a coconut or having a fly-over with a message to make this more unique. The more you know about her the easier this will be to decide on what you want to do (the champagne bottle is a tried and true formula).For our beach loving Lisa the ultimate romantic gesture is for her other half to organise a trip to a Desert Island and to be left there alone together…she simply can’t think of a better way to propose. Finally, take your time to research the islands (and the weather) before splashing out. You can create a romantic atmosphere whether you’re in the UK or abroad.


8) Adrenaline love rush proposal

I really love the ideas of an adrenaline-fuelled proposal. Combining the rush you get from asking your partner to marry you and the rush they are sure to get, it’s certainly going to be an ever-lasting, and unique, memory. Jumping out of a plane and proposing to your partner on the way down (or by waiting at the bottom) is going to make them the subject of a story you’ll tell forever. We have a lot of customers wondering how to stand out and this is the perfect way to go (if you’re not too weak in the stomach.).


9) Weaving your love in the romantic web of cyberspace

This is great for the tech-savvy or any couple who met online. Jason, our in-house programmer, favours the computer hacking route…if you have the know-how, then this is the perfect idea for your Perl. We love this element of surprise and all of the planning that needs to go into it. You can surprise your partner when they’re in the middle of something as mundane as checking their emails or could even have them choose ‘yes’ on a custom website and take them straight to The Diamond Store website so they have a say in which ring they get!

10) Martial arts proposal

If you’re not feeling good enough already during exercise, proposing mid-way is definitely going to help that. They say the couple who train together stay together and I think this idea is ideal for the fitness-mad out there. We have helped out so many couples who have met at the gym or during casual sports and it’s always a happy place for them both. A fitness proposal definitely suits a low-maintenance couple and with the right camera, you’ll have the right healthy glow!

11) Man’s best friend to the rescue

I love this idea, maybe it’s because I am a dog lover, but I think it’s cute. A lot of our customers come in looking for a ring but leave with bucket loads of advice. It can be really stressful planning a proposal because you only want to do it once. Keeping it simple and low-maintenance and including loved ones (including pets!) is a no-fail way to go and you’re guaranteed a happy memory. From a drooling Beethoven to your local pug club, man’s loyal companion is most likely a part of your family, so why not let him help? – Gary, Managing Director of the Diamond Store.

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