5 common jewellery wear and tear problems and how to solve them.


Jewellery can show signs of wear and tear no matter whether it is worn everyday or only for special occasions. Below is a slide show of 5 common problems and how they can be solved, keeping your beautiful pieces in perfect condition.

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This slide show was created by Amit Laxman, Radiant Diamonds, Melbourne, Australia.

Radiant Diamonds specialise in the manufacture of bespoke jewellery using naturally sourced fancy coloured diamonds and colourless (white) diamonds.

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About Author

Amit Laxman is a GIA Diamonds Graduate and Jewellery Monthly’s own diamond specialist with over 15 years experience in luxury jewellery manufacturing and retail. He is the owner of Radiant Diamonds, loves reading, Bollywood, cricket and Aussie Rules Football, and is a dangerous chocoholic!

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