Finding your perfect bridesmaids dresses without blowing the budget


Planning your dream wedding is an expensive business. From finding the ideal venue to picking your cake, there are some aspects of wedding planning where it just doesn’t pay to cut corners. Luckily, there are elements where you can save a few pennies to stop you breaking the bank. The cost of your bridesmaid dresses is one of these.

Here are our top tips for finding your perfect bridesmaids dresses without blowing the budget. Because ensuring your girlfriends look as great as you do on your big day doesn’t have to cost the earth:

1. Choose a Dress That Will Suit Everyone

Finding a dress that each of your bridesmaids will feel happy and comfortable in can feel like an impossible mission. Whilst one wants to emphasise her curves, another wants to hide them. Whilst one wants a strapless gown, another wants a little more coverage. Luckily, there is a solution. Why not opt for a one shoulder gown that will suit everyone’s needs?

Angelina blush one shoulder maxi dress

This modern and fashion-forward bridesmaid dress features an asymmetric neckline and flattering ruching across the body. This detailing can both hide and create curves, meaning that bridesmaids of all shapes and sizes will feel comfortable as they escort you down the aisle. It’s an instant recipe for happy bridesmaids, and pleasingly affordable too!

2. Invest in Accessories

Investing in high quality accessories is key to elevating your bridesmaid dress and making even the most inexpensive gown look high-end and glamorous. The right piece of jewellery is the finishing touch that will add polish and class to any outfit.

Kathia Sterling Silver white opal pendant necklace

This beautifully detailed and delicate white opal necklace would make the perfect thank you gift for your bridesmaids. It’s a token they can wear on your wedding day and then treasure forever. It’s neutral enough to match any bridesmaid dress you choose, and it’s white stone will coordinate perfectly with your own wedding dress A gift of jewellery is a gift that no one will ever forget.

3. Help Them to De-Stress

Finally, being a bridesmaid is almost as stressful as being a bride. Bridesmaids have to look good, help the bride to get ready on the day of her wedding, and take care of any last minute problems so that she can focus on staying as relaxed as possible. Being a bridesmaid is hard work! With this in mind, why not add an accessory that will not only look good but will also help your bridesmaid to de-stress and remain calm throughout the day?

The Maharani spin and wish spinning ring

The Maharani spin and wish spinning ring acts as a worry aid, and has been used for centuries to aid anxiety and soothe away stress. This unique ring will compliment any outfit, and will give your bridesmaid something to fiddle with: ideal if she’s feeling so stressed that you’re worried she might bite away her fresh manicure! This is another great idea for a d gift that can be treasured forever.

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