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The last few years has seen a huge rise in Jewellery animation, digital jewellery photography and CAD for manufacture. How do we know this? Well our team here run LionSorbet a company that helps Jewellery retailers, designers and manufacturers of luxury products, market their services or goods in a very unique way. What this has given rise to is a huge investment from us in technology, hardware and expertise to provide even bigger, better and more impressive works of art for our customers. We predict 2013 will be the year for video and motion graphics. We feel it is our duty to bring you closer to the products you wish to buy in stunning HD.

We’ve periodically posted some of the work we have created for our clients here to give our readers a little insight not only into the products and ranges that are available on the high street and on-line but hopefully a little insight into the work and thought that goes into it. A behind the scenes so to speak.

We’ve recently created a stunning little short for online retailer Serendipity Diamonds. Created entirely in 3D this great little marketing video presents some of the beautiful wedding rings. and bridal products that the offer their customers.

Turn up the volume and let us know your thoughts.

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All images and media provided with thanks from LionSorbet who hold full copyright to their use and distribution. Images edited by Jewellery monthly.

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  1. This Diamond ring this really good for winter wedding party. . What about the quality of diamond ring and I saw this video on YouTube it is also good presentation.