Wedding Ring Trends for 2013, what’s hot?


There is much focus on the engagement ring, but what of the wedding ring? Is there a difference? For several years now, the trend has been to disband with the wedding ring entirely and use the engagement ring as an all-in-one piece. But, it seems that the trend is starting to break and wedding rings are being seen more and more on the ring finger alongside the engagement ring. While engagement rings of today are already priceless, adding a wedding ring can create just that much more style and uniqueness.

Wedding ring trends 2013

The first big trend expected for 2013 is the transition back to yellow gold. For years now white gold and platinum have dominated both the engagement ring and the wedding ring scenes, but already the move back to traditional yellow has been slowly gaining popularity. The precious metal is expected to gain more popularity than ever since the reign of white gold began. The rich color will be a welcome sight and will stand out considerably.

The traditional wedding ring

Traditionally, wedding rings are simple bands of metal so they can fit closely to the engagement ring. In more recent times a new trend has begun to establish the wedding ring as a beautiful piece of jewelry by itself. The addition of diamonds to the secondary ring has increased in popularity. Many people choose to incorporate traditional clear diamonds, but the choice to use black diamonds or stones of other hues is also becoming popular. Wedding rings are meant to compliment the engagement ring, and the addition of precious stones can bring all that much more power and magnificence.

the wedding ring stack

Romancing the wedding band

For the romantics in the world, the trend to have matching his-and-hers wedding rings has become extremely popular. More men are wearing wedding rings than ever before, and matching the ring to that worn by the woman proclaims a statement of dedicated unity. With the abilities of most jewelers, almost any engagement ring can be examined and used as inspiration to create a complimentary ring for her and a matching wedding band for him.

The wedding band choice

A wedding band, either for him or for her, needs to last, and this has prompted many couples to choose materials of a more durable nature. Platinum has become a favored metal both for its durability and its inherent value. Many people love both the white gold and the yellow gold looks and have a difficult decision choosing between the two. A new trend is to simultaneously incorporate the two metals, either by choosing one metal for the engagement ring and the other for the wedding ring, or by creating a ring that uses both.

Matching your wedding band with your engagement ring

The engagement ring without an additional wedding ring is still the predominant trend. If the woman decides she only wants one ring, she is in good company–many women have chosen to go this route. But, wedding bands are gaining momentum, and many couples are choosing to have both. The uniqueness of varying designs allows for any taste or preference, and the addition of a wedding ring to an already beautiful engagement ring is advisable for anyone.

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