What the Bridesmaids wont tell the Bride.


Vashi.com surveyed 1,000 bridesmaids to spill the beans on what really goes on behind the scenes. The results are in and you wouldn’t believe what it reveals.

Seven out of ten bridesmaids say they have been forced to wear an unflattering dress to make the bride look prettier!

Celebrity jeweller and founder of Vashi.com, Vashi Dominguez says, “”We’ve all looked at wedding photos and thought, ‘What are the bridesmaids wearing!?’ Well, now we know the answer. In seven out of ten cases, the bridesmaids are convinced they’ve been lumbered with a dress to make the bride look prettier. I’m sure most brides do not see it that way. They’d say they chose bridesmaid dresses that went well with the wedding dress! The solution is for everyone to relax – no bridezillas or bridesmaidzillas required. Brides should enjoy the process and involve their bridesmaids more in choosing their outfits.”
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bad bridesmaid dresses

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Unfortunately, it looks like Bridezilla isn’t too thoughtful when it comes to how she treats her closest friends on the wedding day!

72% of respondents felt they’d been lumbered with a questionable outfit. Yikes.

More than a fifth (22%) of bridesmaids insisted on altering their outfit before participating in the wedding.

One third of the bridesmaids surveyed were given a choice in deciding what they’d wear on the big day.

bad bridesmaids dresses

43% of bridesmaids admitted to going to a wedding that was a ‘bit naff’ (lacking taste/style), with only 9% of them envying the bride on her big day.

bridesmaid dresses

A third (37%) revealed that they had been at a wedding where they felt the bride and groom were mismatched and should not be tying the knot.

More than half (54%) explained that they had been a bridesmaid at a wedding where they were delighted that they were not marrying the groom themselves!

A fifth (20%) have actually picked up a new man at a wedding where they were bridesmaid!

6% have secretly fancied the groom.

3% admitted to being romantically involved with the groom before he met his bride.

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