12 crazy places you may have lost your engagement ring.


You have searched high and low, far and near. But you have lost that solid band of precious metal given to you by your dearest, closest, most cherished person in the world. That’s right, you have lost the engagement ring.

Hold on… wait a second. I may be able to help. Check this list first before you go out of your mind trying to find it.

1) The kitchen sink or somewhere near the kitchen sink.

kitchen sink

2) The shower shelve or shower tray.


3) Your bedside table, possibly on the floor near the bedside table.


4) On top of the jewellery box.


5) The computer table.


6) Please have a look on top of the Mantelpiece.


7) Did you check the car cup tray or key/wallet shelf.


8) Your parents house. Give your Mum a quick call.


9) Check your purse.


10) In the bath near the plug hole.


11) When all else fails, check the hoover bag or container.


12) Lastly, only if you have checked all the above. Ask your fiancé, he may have found it for you.


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