4 Fundamental Things to Consider Before Buying a Ring for Your Man


If you choose to follow Harry and Meghan’s example, then you need to start looking for a ring for your husband-to-be. Finding stylish men’s rings is a lot tougher than finding wedding rings for women. While a lot of men like wearing jewellery, your fiancé might not be interested in sporting a flashy ring. To ensure that your wedding band is something that your husband will comfortably wear you need to consider a few things.

The Perfect Fit

The fit of the ring is very important. If the ring keeps sliding off or is too tight, your husband might end up leaving it at home. Take your husband to a jeweller and get his finger measured and note down his accurate ring size. There is no room for guess work here are ways of finding the ring size at home, but it might not be as accurate as getting it measured at the jeweller. Once you have your fiancé’s ring size, you can confidently buy a ring online and know that it will fit him perfectly. With the right sized ring, you do not have to worry about the ring falling off or causing any discomfort to your man.

One for All Occasion

While for women, a blingy wedding ring can never go wrong, when it comes to men’s jewellery too much bling can be a problem. Unless your fiancé likes wearing big blingy rings, it is best to stay away from rings with too many stones on them. Rings with fancy and intricate details might get worn out depending on the kind of work your fiancé does. You need to select a safe ring design that can be worn to work. Simple single metal rings are the best options. Any stones that you want on the ring should be small and few in number; unless your fiancé wants it otherwise.

Something Substantial

While it is vital to keep bling to a minimum when selecting men’s rings, the rings cannot be too dainty. A gold band can be the perfect wedding ring for your fiancé, but if it is too thin, then it will look out of place on his finger. Usually, men have big hands and to match the big hands the rings need to be broad. You know you have a perfectly sized ring for your man when strike the perfect balance between noticeable and attention-grabbing.

Where to Buy It From

When looking for stylish men’s rings, the best place to look is online. This is because most jewellery shops have limited ring varieties for men. This may entail going shop to shop and wasting hours before you accidentally stumble upon the perfect ring for your guy. Looking for the rings online allows you to surf through a long list of designs in a matter of minutes. You do not even have to drag your fiancé to the jewellers to make him check the designs out. The links of the rings you shortlist can be instantly shared on messaging apps to instantly get your fiancé approval.

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