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In my house it is universally accepted that Christmas hasn’t arrived until you have seen the coca cola Christmas advert on TV. After that, it is permissible to start playing Christmas tunes, planning presents, Christmas dinner and contemplating outfits for Christmas Day and the plethora of Christmas parties that will occur.

Although we are already in the exciting build up to the big day, this year I wanted to introduce you to a concept which may strike some as slightly unusual.

Like most people, when attending any kind of event I try on a host of outfits and then seek out accessories and jewellery to complement my final choice. This is usually because most of my jewellery is either silver or gold. However, this year I would like to introduce you to a new concept, choosing your outfit to match your jewellery. Now before you throw your hands up in frustration and declare that such a process is unthinkable… Just take a moment to consider the idea. Nowadays, we are more fortunate than ever to be surrounded by talented brands and designers who can create pretty much anything you heart desires in terms of accessories.

What better way to celebrate that freedom of expression than to make your jewellery the star of the show, just for once! One brand that has captured this essence particularly well is Endless. Their take on the charm bracelet is particularly unique. The soft leather bracelets come in variety of lengths, colours and clasp finishes, so you are sure to find something that suits your individual style, and their huge array of charms in different metals, colours and stones allow you to really take the personalisation of your bracelet to the next level.

What’s more, Endless have recently teamed up with the incredibly stylish JLO to launch a range of charms which epitomise the star’s feminine but fierce personality. My favourite thing about this brand is the huge array of bracelet colours. No more are we restricted to black, silver or gold. So ladies, this year I invite you to Colour Your Christmas. Pick your favourite bracelet colour, choose your charms to match and then select your outfit to compliment.

We contacted Endless who kindly provided us with the following glowing selection of gorgeousness which we hope will inspire you to be a bit more creative with your outfits this Christmas. Perhaps set off your little black dress with a raunchy red bracelet and gold harms or highlight a navy blue dress with the nude bracelet, rose gold charms and nude heels?

Whatever your preference, the Endless range is sure to have something for you and with charms starting at £25 each, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t request a few on your Christmas list either!

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