Introducing the EX90°00′00′′ Collection by Sasha Jewellery


Sasha Jewellery is a new Men’s Jewellery Brand headed up by award winning designer Alexandra Afanasyeva.  Featuring a impressive range of men’s accessories from the stylish and chic Black Tie Collection to the more industrial EX90°00′00′′ men’s jewellery collection which conceptualises the spirit of exploration and polar expeditions.

Closely linked to such notions as identity and rite of passage the range features artefacts such as Climbing gear, survival equipment and various tools including ones from Inuit tribes and those dating back to the Ice Age. These items are the main basis for the collection.

Sasha Jewellery mens collection

Sasha Jewellery mens collection

The pieces are made of a rich combination pewter and steel encrusted with marble, raw quartz, metal teeth and Swarovski crystals. Elements that are reminiscent of extreme cold. The unevenly self-braided and self-dyed rope is cast with the same materials set in silicone.

Designer Alexandra points out that “the pieces are designed for men who are not afraid to stand out” whilst stating that “The brand’s ideology is to promote jewellery in today’s men’s fashion and let men make impressive looks with tiny yet striking details”

Although at first glance there is a roughness to the design, it appears Alexandra has considered every detail. The collection in its entirety evokes a perception of intense cold. The course finish of the sand-cast pewter pieces have the appearance of ice crust whereas the braided ropes create a frozen display under glossy silicon.

Alexandra states “The shapes come from climbing gear, survival equipment and Ice Age tools”  the very items that an arctic explorer would utilise in an extreme environment. In order to complete the story Alexandra has complimented the collection by a range of apparel including jeans and shoes. These have been fashioned using the same direction and techniques demonstrated in the jewellery pieces.

Each piece presents a fearless almost heroic style, with the bold mix materials providing a raw, unfiltered, very masculine feel. A range that really stands out from the crowd and sure to make in an impact to its audience.

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Designer Profile: Alexandra Afanasyeva

Designer Alexandra Afanasyeva_Award Winning Jewellery Designer Alexandra Afanasyeva is the creative lead behind Sasha Jewellery.

“My experience in fine jewellery allows me to create fashion accessories with a pure luxury finish” mentions Alexandra. The multilingual artist utilises her extensive travel and culture experiences into her designs offering a daring and audacious voice in men’s jewellery and certainly one to look out for.

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