Popular Engagement Rings 2011.


The diamond engagement ring – an ageless declaration of love and promise.

The classic styles of engagement ring would have to be the Round brilliant and Princess cut diamonds. Even with the new array of designs and cuts available on the market they seem to be the most popular still today. However there are emerging trends of which you, the potential purchaser should take into consideration.

Hot ring trends –

The Classic

Round solitaire diamonds are very popular. Many men choose this type of classic-cut diamond. These are assured of never going out of style and have a tendency to be passed down to the next generation.

Furthermore, a traditional solitaire setting is up swept or clawed and raises the diamond to really show off that centre stone. Some people today select settings or shanks so the centre stone sits fairly low, creating a look that is refined and smooth. Another popular setting is the Diamond Loop Cluster Ring, which looks stunning.

As the round cut continues to be popular, it is becoming more common to see the Heart cut, as well as the Pear.

The Engagement Clusters are also very unique and present diamonds that reflect the contemporary design through to vintage styles. Cluster rings have become increasingly popular due their wide range of striking designs.

The Modern

So what defines the new modern? Features include clean, streamlined designs for a sophisticated, smart look. The most contemporary styles feature a bezel-set and designs where the diamond hangs and looks futuristic. This look is normally captured using a tension setting.

Engagement rings with coloured stones seem to be the new emerging trend. With coloured diamonds becoming very popular as celebrities set new trends. Many celebrities such as Beyonce, have chosen coloured diamond engagement rings. The Pink diamond is definitely the most popular.

For something different, consider new diamond cuts on the market. The Zales diamond cut has more facets than traditional cuts and can increase the stone’s fire. Also consider the Modern Brilliant Cut . This type of diamond consists of 56-58 facets including the culet. Between the table and the girdle are generally thirty-two facets, and below the girdle twenty-four. The facets maximize the volume of light that is reflected from the inside and produce the greatest brilliance.

The Antique

Antique, vintage rings that your grandmother might have worn have also seen a rise in sales over these few years. Terms such as trendy, historical and period are defining the new look within current fashion. Types to look out for are gold filigree settings, floral accents and gemstone baguettes. The cuts typically are cushion, round, pillow and Asscher, which has larger facets and radiates more colour under less light.

Is Palladium the new Platinum

The shank or setting or as many people will tend to call it…. ‘The RING’ is very important when choosing the diamond. Palladium is definitely the hot trend. Palladium is becoming ever much so popular because its rich dark colour sets off the brilliance of a diamond. This metal comes from Platinum and is naturally white and will always keep its shine, unlike yellow gold, which may tarnish. Palladium is one of the strongest precious metals, and is twice as heavy as most gold alloy rings. As the price of Platinum and Gold sore, Palladium a metal that is rarer than Platinum and Gold is becoming a very strong alternative. Read more on Palladium here.

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