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The fast growing trend of fingerprint jewellery is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among women. Could any other keepsake hold such an intense Beauty and sentiment than a stunning piece of jewellery imprinted with a loved ones fingerprint?

Prints Charming is a company that specialises in exquisite jewellery designs, inspired by the beauty of what makes us distinctive. No two individuals would ever posses identical fingerprints. This company also caters for men, producing items such as cuff links and leather style bracelets!

Prints Charming was launched in March 2011 by Kathryn Caterer, who, after having her daughter decided to take on the daunting decision of becoming self employed in order to create something that not only would hold sentiment behind it, but a venture she could be passionate about and apply her inner creativity to. This meaning, she would not only feel proud but also experience extreme job satisfaction in the knowledge she would be producing something that would be treasured forever. Knowing she created it gives Kathryn all the motivation she desires to make this business successful.


Kathryn’s husband Dan has since joined the business, both of whom devote much time to ensuring the continuing growth of the company.

There are many hurdles to overcome when starting your own business venture. Kathryn has been through the motions, step by step and positively turned any reservations and struggles into motivation and strength building qualities.

Being a completely self taught jewellery creator and designer, her emotional attachment emphasises her determination to succeed , spending many hours experimenting with different techniques through trial and error, researching the marketing of her product, networking and exposing her products to various social networks such as Facebook and promoting her company in selected forums.

Many jewellery franchisees offer similar products in terms of the use of fingerprints and jewellery, their services sought out by clients based on the convenience of location of the provider. Despite the popular demand for fingerprint jewellery, Kathryn wanted her designs at Prints Charming to stand out from the crowd, designing a signature piece named ‘The Circle Of Love’ which has now proven to be extremely popular.This has lead Kathryn to continue to aspire to make many more original pieces and new designs, appealing to a wider audience.


Prints Charming also offers the choice for people to pay for their orders in instalments, thus making it a more affordable option for many.

Products for this company are now displayed in Toys R Us stores in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Derby, and Teesside.

One thing this company feels very strongly about is working on products that may help families that have sadly been through the agonising heartache of losing a loved one, whether this be a relative, friend, or even a family pet.


Kathryn has lovingly produced numerous items for grieving parents of still born babies and has dedicated a special section on the Prints Charming website for these particularly sensitive orders, offering a very personal, sympathetic approach for these customers. Ensuring they all receive the perfect item.

Prints Charming offers a unique service, providing excellent attention to detail of each customers requirements, giving their customers a very personal experience which adds to the beauty and romantic sentiment behind each creation!


Prints Charming Founders Kathryn & Dan. Read more about them online at:

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