Rings in different shapes and designs


All rings feature a round side profile. However many feature diamonds, gemstones and details on them that highlight the features of the ring seen from a top view. Rings can have accessories in many beautiful and eye-catching shapes like a necklace that can have different shaped pendants. Here are some of the common shapes that you will find on rings.

Infinity shape rings

Infinity is a mathematical sign that represents endlessness. It is made up of the shape of two eights bound together to show that there is no end. It is similar to a DNA strand in biology. The silver infinity ring is one of the most popular infinity shaped rings. It is a beautiful ring that would be a lovely and wonderful gift that one can offer a loved one.

Round shape ring

Rings are worn around fingers. They are sized to fit around a person’s specific finger shape. A round ring can have round accessories. This could be a precious stone or jewels such as gold or diamonds cut in a round shape and added on to the ring. The ring affixed with round stones or jewels is beautiful and appealing to look at. It is considered the best shape that one can wear.

Heart-shaped rings

This is another popular ring shape. Mostly, rings are a sign of love and commitment. A heart shape is popularly known as a sign of love. The heart shape could also hold any type of precious stone.

Pillow shape ring

A pillow shaped ring is a ring that holds a precious stone known as the cushion stone. It is a square with round corners that resemble a cushion and hence the name. This is a popular shape with many people due to its implied significance of being a square in a circle that represents individuality and uniqueness of a person.

Oval shape ring

The oval shape is a natural shape and as such will be a popular shape on rings too. A cut stone in the oval molding makes the ring stand out regardless of the price of the type of stone.

Teardrop shape rings

On your finger, the teardrop-shaped molding will definitely stand out. Its rounded edges that meet a central point lead the ring to look larger and more glamorous. Any stone or decoration on the molding accentuates the ring and makes it a beautiful and glamorous piece of jewelry adorned on the hand.

Why do people wear rings?

As a sign

Most times, rings are worn as a sign of something. Wedding and engagement rings are a symbol of marital status. Purity rings are a symbol of one's beliefs and preferences to abstain from sexual activity unless they are married. Other rings are a sign of belonging to specific groups.

Sentimental value

Rings are also offered to people as gifts. As a result, there are many people who wear rings because they were given as a gift by someone who is valuable in their lives. Friendship and promise rings are some of the rings worn for sentimental value.


It is not uncommon to find someone who wears rings on all their fingers. Sometimes, some fingers have more than one ring. In this case, the rings do not have any large significance. They are only worn for beauty and to express the individuality of the wearer.

Symbol of wealth

Rings are also worn to show financial strength. For example, two people may have similar engagement rings in terms of shape. However, these rings have different precious stones such as diamonds, gemstones or specific engraving or markings on the metal. One ring that is set with precious gemstone can considerably more expensive than one with crystals or zirconias. The wearer or buyer of the ring has a better financial position than the other person.


Diamond and gemstone rings are available in a variety of different shapes with many characteristics that define their beauty and attraction. The shape that you buy depends on your personal preference, with many of the reasons stated above playing a helping hand.

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