Engagement Rings That Men Should be Aware of


Running out of words on how to creatively say,  “Will you marry me?”  Hold your horses…

Before getting into the exciting part of kneeling down and crossing your fingers from behind hoping that your lady would say yes, choosing the perfect type of ring for your bride-to-be does matter. There are many types of engagement rings for women which can be found in the market. However, you can make it extra special by customizing it to fit specifically her. Many jewellery websites like www.77diamonds.com offer classic, hand crafted rings made by skilled jewellers. There, you can find intricate pieces made from different kinds of stones such as and metals in which you can choose for your bride to be. Some of the popular rings are listed below.

Gemstone rings

These bands are famous for several reasons. Events such as birthdays, wedding engagement, or anniversaries are the main occasions in which this ring is bought for. Gemstones like diamonds and beryl are usually used as stones in these rings/band.

Eternity rings

These rings have more than one type of diamonds that are embedded in the piece that surrounds your finger. There are different set/patterns such as bar set, pave set, bezel set, and channel set.

Solitaire rings

These rings indicate that a woman is bound to be married soon. A solitaire ring has been in style due to the western cultural influences. Its thin band is embedded with small diamonds which makes the whole ring elegant. Solitaire rings are beginning to be the most sought after rings for all engagement occasions.

Three stone rings

These rings are not only elegant but also the most recommended type to those who are looking for elegant rings with reasonable price. Its diamond cuts are varying. Some include round, princess, emerald, etc. There are some exquisite shapes available such as marquis, oval, heart, radiant, triangle and cushion for this type.

Silver rings

For those who are with limited finance, silver rings are most recommended. These rings are perfect with white and lacy dresses which women normally worn during events such as engagement parties and weddings

Tell us your favourite style

Let us know what your favourite type is.  Do you prefer diamonds, gemstones, single stones or intricate, engraved designs? Leave a comment below and share with our readers.

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  1. My Favorite is “Solitaire rings”. I like the diamond ring made using champagne diamonds.