Wear it like you stole it.


ANNE WALKER From Edinburgh, by way of Aberdeen to Glasgow, I am a Jeweller with a history.

I chose the name heist as it represents the skills I have stolen from my previous career as an Architect.

Happy working at the bench, I also derive satisfaction from interpreting my designs and fine tuning details using CAD and 3D printing technology. I am developing my skills by exploring the opportunities that scripting and panelling could offer alongside stone setting.

Visual and verbal stimuli, my environment and my everyday thoughts spark a constant process of design evolution within my imagination.

I love to draw, to sketch and develop my ideas; I am rarely found without sketchbook, pen and pencil. I enjoy the satisfaction derived through the creation of a finished piece from an initial concept spark. To know that the pleasure the wearer has with a particular piece is something I have a hand in, is rewarding.

In my final year at Glasgow Kelvin College, Scotland, studying B.Des in Jewellery Design with Technology, I hope you find my jewellery interesting, edgy and covetable.



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