What our readers are wearing. July 2014


It’s that time of the month again when we show the world what our amazing readers are wearing. We had quite a few images to get through this month and we would like to say a big thanks to everyone that gets involved.

We will also feature all images received across our social network profiles. We hope you like what they’re wearing?

Would you like to feature in our August release? Just follow these 4 simple steps:

1) Grab a selfie or a nice close up of your favourite jewellery item.
2) Give us a brief description of the item you are wearing.
3) Include your first name and brief location such as your Town and Country.
4) Email us HERE

Featured Readers for July 2014

Name: Jade
Location: Northamptonshire UK.
Description: My favourite Celtic Slate Silver and White Diamond Geometric Earrings from jewellery designer Maevona.

eve - fashion jewellery
Name: Eve
Location: Midlands UK.
Description: Swarovski necklace bought on a shoot while at Caesars palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Vegas baby woo!.

brads watch
Name: Brad
Location: Midlands UK.
Description: I’ve had my TimeX watch now for about 8 years. It just keeps on going. I love the black and red design.

Name: Emma
Location: Norwich UK.
Description: I love wearing my necklace from Tunisia that actually spells my name in Arabic. I also wear my Guess watch and bangles all the time. This is me in Paris.

Name: Melissa
Location: Nottingham UK.
Description: If i’m going out anywhere nice with my family and husband, I always wear my Chanel earrings from New york, Fifth Avenue.

Name: Patricia
Location: Wymondham, Norfolk UK.
Description: I have been collecting my Pandora beads now for 5 years, but I love my little heart bead given to my by my loving husband Paul.

Name: Mel
Location: Kettering UK.
Description: This is my awesome Pandora bracelet given to me by my Husband.

Name: Lydia
Location: Midlands UK.
Description: I love wearing my fashion rings. I have a big collection, so I try and wear different ones everyday.

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