What type of DIAMOND would you choose for your next jewellery purchase?


We asked 1 simple question on our poll for October 2014. We wanted to see if there has been a change in the perception of how we buy diamonds and do we understand where diamonds come from. Our survey ran for 31 days and 407 people voted on the following.

Q. What type of DIAMOND would you choose for your next jewellery purchase?

1 – Natural Diamond
2 – Synthetic Diamond
3 – Fairtrade Diamond

The results are as follows:


As you can see the demand for a Fairtrade diamond was significantly high. This means the people who took the time out to vote, actually care about where the diamond comes from. We would also like to think that buyers of diamonds have hope for the people who mine diamonds and that they are being helped and treated fairly. 49.63% is a great result in this poll.

Furthermore, it’s also interesting to see that only 19.9% of voters thought about a synthetic diamond. We can only suggest that maybe this type of diamond is not as desirable at the moment when compared to the Natural or Fairtrade diamond. Maybe many voters didn’t understand what a Synthetic diamond is? Maybe we can ask the question in a future poll.

Having a diamond on your jewellery item that has been in the ground for millions of years does seem envious. This poll shows that knowing you made a purchase which helped the people who want to make a better life for themselves, gives the diamond wearer complete peace of mind.

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