How To Choose The Perfect Ring That She Will Love


When you are getting ready to pop the question, you want everything to be perfect. The place, the day, the statement and most definitely the ring. If you haven’t discussed ring preferences with your love, it can be tough to know if you are choosing a ring that she will love forever.

When the time is drawing near, that’s when you need to start paying attention. Observe her style, any small hints that she may be dropping and try to gauge her expectations. Along with any hints you can up, you will need to consider things like carat size, stone shape, setting style and most importantly, your budget.

One of the best places to start your search for popular engagement rings is online. While the point of your engagement is to make a statement of your love and commitment, presenting the perfect ring is still an important moment. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect ring that she will wear proudly.

Internet Searches

Without invading her privacy by hacking into her devices, you may be able to track some of her internet searches to find any ring clues. Follow her Pinterest account and see if she has dedicated any boards to wedding posts or rings that she likes. If you share a home computer, you can try searching through her recent browsing history to see if there are any jewelry sites that could give you some clues.

Friends & Family

Even if you are trying to keep your proposal a secret, you may have to enlist the help of her friends and family for ring suggestions. Let’s face it, women talk to their girlfriends, their sisters or their mothers about things like the ring of their dreams. Sit down with your girl’s best friend or mother to get some ideas about what she may like.

You can even suggest that one of her friends join you when you go out ring shopping. You may get some great advice about what she may like. Make it a fun day out shopping with your future mother-in-law with some lunch and bonding time.

Know Her Style

Every woman has her own specific style. If you are getting ready to ask her to marry you, you probably already have a good idea what her style is. How she dresses and decorates the places in her life will say a lot about her natural style.

If her style is simple and plain she may love a ring that is classic and elegant, like a solitaire diamond with a platinum setting. If your love is a bit of a fashionista, you might want to stick with the latest trends. For women that are more active and sporty you should think about getting a ring with a lower profile and a simple design that won’t interfere with her daily activities.

Just Ask Her

If you aren’t looking to make your proposal a huge surprise, you can always just ask her about her ring tastes and expectations. Go on a casual shopping trip and have some fun trying on rings.


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