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Our Jewellery Monthly fashion model Sapphire, tells us what’s hot and trending in the world of jewellery at the moment. Sapphire recently featured in the Festive, Rave and Loom bands article last month. For the month of September (which is the birthstone month of the Sapphire) she will be talking to us about body piece jewellery and mixing it up a little with glam jewellery.


“Firstly I would just like to say hello to all your readers. I hope you like my take on fashion jewellery for September. Remember, it’s up to you what you make of your jewellery, just enjoy it.

Trying out different accessories and random jewellery items is cool. What you think looks great normally is. I try and set trends among my friends, we tend to have a laugh and a joke about the new things we try on and wear out.

This month i’ve been trying out my body piece jewellery set, which I think works well on all occasions. I tend to wear it out shopping, countryside walks with my family, out for drinks with my friends and just general popping out. I have had plenty of complements and always get asked where to purchase them. You can get sets like these online and in any good jewellery accessories store. They are affordable and come in many different designs and colours.

I have even wore this set with my bikini on the beach. I think it works really well.

In the pictures you should also be able to see my cool ‘juicy couture bracelet‘ I got this in New York a few months back. It’s kind of chunky and has a real glam status about it. It works well with the body set. Mixing and matching jewellery items can really work well with different outfits.

Chunky jewellery seems to be really trending at the moment. So, if your out and about this month looking for something a little different, try on some big glam chunky jewellery and see what you look like in a nice body piece jewellery item”.

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  1. These photos are brilliant. Loving the body jewellery. Can’t wait for next months issue.

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