Jewellery welding, it’s all in the laser.


Coined by Austin powers as “sophisticated heat beam” Lasers have actually become very popular and commonplace within the jewellery industry and have a number of great features and benefits. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should know about this type of technology.

1) Re-size rings with ease. As laser welding is stronger than solder it makes a great choice to reduce the size of a metal such as Platinum, Gold, Sliver or Palladium. The final join is near invisible giving a perfect finish and peace of mind to the customer.

2) If you have a flair for jewellery design and need small precise welding to complete your latest design, you can consider laser welding. Laser welding allows you to weld wires at 0.01mm in diameter.

3) Laser welding for jewellery is fast and efficient, even costume jewellery can be mended. The temperature of the laser is low enough to work with cheaper metals.

4) If you have a ring that you feel needs re-engraving or updating then you can have the engraving filled in using laser welding and then ask your jeweller to engrave it again with your desired information.

Laser Engraving – how is it done using a laser?

5) When your ring is cast in precious metals it can have tiny air bubbles in the metal. Sometimes these can be revealed after a knock or just general wear and tear. Laser welding can quickly fill these in so you won’t notice the difference.

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Video courtesy of M2 Lasers channel. Please take the time to visit their channel and view some of their other great videos.

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